While massage is often associated with relieving muscle aches and pains, it can actually work as a way to relieve headaches; particularly the three most common kinds: sinus, tension, and migraines.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches are typically centred above the eyes and spread to the sinuses below. If it isn’t an infection or the result of inflammation, then massage therapy can help.

Massage therapy helps by focusing on the muscles of the neck, head, and face; tight muscles can, sometimes, translate pain to the sinuses. Afterwards, the sinuses are treated through techniques that help both loosen the congestion and drain it out. Finally, the massage finishes with the application of a cold compress and lymphatic drainage.

Tension Headaches

These headaches typically result from tension buildup in the neck and shoulder muscles, which activate triggers that translate pain to the head and face. The pain is most often centred around the base of the skull, around the ear into the temple, and behind the eyes and can range in intensity.

Treatment via massage is actually one of the most effective ways to combat tension headaches. The therapist will typically focus on the shoulder and neck muscles to reduce tension, including the aforementioned trigger points. Some techniques that may be used include trigger point release and deep tissue massage. Depending on if the cause is stress or posture, the therapist will work to address that.


Migraines are easily the worst and most painful type of headaches; they can often be incredibly debilitating. They’re caused by increased blood flow to the brain, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors. There are also different “auras” accompanying migraines, such as tunnel vision, flickering lights, or nausea.

It should be emphasized that massage therapy isn’t a treatment for ongoing migraines; it’s more useful for prevention. Therapists will often focus on treating stress and neck tension, a common instigator of migraines; this includes targeting the Suboccipital, muscles at the base of the skull.

Hydrotherapy may also be used, which can help relax muscles, increase circulation, and constrict certain blood vessels to prevent excess blood flow.

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