Massage therapy is an effective treatment that can target a number of conditions. Reduced back pain, lowered heart rate, lowered blood pressure, improved energy, and increased relaxation are just some of the benefits you will experience after massage therapy sessions, and you will want these benefits to last as long as possible.

Individuals will feel a lot better overall after their massage therapy session, although feelings of calmness can disappear fast if proper care is not taken. The right steps will allow you to enjoy the benefits of massage for as long as possible, and this guide will tell you how to experience increased relaxation for longer periods of time after massage.

Understanding the Factors 


No matter how impossible this may seem, it is important to find ways to destress your life; otherwise, you will constantly experience headaches, muscle tension and increased heart rate. Avoiding stress is not easy because it has become a part of our lives, but you need to try; otherwise, your body will undo all of the benefits it receives from massage. This will cause you to have to attend sessions more frequently, but when you are calm and stress-free, your body will get to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy for longer periods of time.

The Type of Massage You Receive

There are different massage techniques, and you must determine which option is best for your body. Options include:

  • Swedish massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • myofascial release
  • sports massage
  • lymphatic massage
  • prenatal massage

How to Make Massage Therapy Benefits Last Longer:

  • Prioritize Post-Massage Relaxation

It is important to relax after a massage which means you shouldn’t work out, jump back into your work responsibilities or drink a lot of coffee. This will erase all of the work your massage therapist put into your session, and the benefits will disappear fast. 

  • Get Regular Massages

This will not only alleviate old issues but will also stop new ones from forming. Getting massages regularly will help relieve pain, enhance mental clarity, reduce stress and detox your body. 

  • Eliminate Stressful Habits

Whether it is ending a toxic relationship or keeping your home clean and organized, reducing stress will help massage therapy benefits last a lot longer. 


Want to make massage therapy benefits last longer? This can be achieved when you work with the experts at Prairie Sage Massage. We will help you choose the best massage for your needs, and our techniques will do wonders for your body. 

If you are looking for professional massage therapists in Winnipeg, we are ready to help and will guide you on the right path toward total body wellness. If you want to start experiencing the benefits of massage, contact us today to schedule an appointment!