Back pain can ruin your day and prevent you from moving comfortably. It is a crippling condition that can affect your quality of life, but massage can help eliminate your pain. 

Massage therapy is effective, and if you are looking for relief from back pain, this is the right treatment. A massage therapist will manipulate the soft tissues of your body to relieve both pain and tension, and there is no reason why you should continue to suffer. 

Causes of Back Pain

Muscle strains or ligament sprains are common causes of back pain, and such injuries can be the result of sudden movements, direct trauma to the back or lifting something improperly. Conditions like arthritis and scoliosis can also cause back pain.

Everything You Need to Know About Massage for Back Pain

Massage therapy is a safe and natural treatment that can provide patients with relief from back pain. There are different massage techniques that can be applied, and all of the following are effective in alleviating back pain:

  • Swedish Massage

This is a gentle and calming massage that can help reduce muscle strain and tension. 

  • Deep Tissue Therapy

This is considered a more rigorous massage that encourages the breaking up of knots and adhesions within the muscles. 

  • Trigger Point Massage

This treatment will specifically target areas of high muscular tension.

  • Myofascial Release

The therapist will work on connective tissues surrounding your muscles during this treatment.

  • Neuromuscular Massage

The treatment will target your muscles and nervous system and can help restore them after a back injury or back pain. This type of massage can also help reduce inflammation and pain while improving the range of motion. Neuromuscular massage is also often used in conjunction with other forms of therapy like chiropractic care and physical therapy. 

How Can Massage Eliminate Back Pain?

Your body’s physiology changes when you receive a massage, and these changes will help you deal with back pain. Massage can help increase blood flow and circulation, which will reduce inflammation and pain in your back and surrounding areas, but massage can also release endorphins which are natural pain-relieving chemicals in your body. Massage can also help relax and loosen tight and constricted muscles which will help reduce pain. 


Want to learn more about the benefits of massage? The experts at Prairie Sage Massage in Winnipeg will further discuss why this treatment is ideal for back pain, and we will help you get better to allow you to enjoy your life without experiencing any pain. We will determine which type of massage is the best treatment for your back pain, and we will get you moving again! 

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