As the name suggests, a deep tissue massage gets deeper than your regular massage. It utilizes firm pressure and slow strokes to reach and relax deep layers of muscles, fascia and soft tissues. Deep tissue massage is an advanced massage technique that does much more than total body relaxation.

Here are five reasons why a deep tissue massage may be beneficial to you.

Pain Relief

Pain and tension often come hand-in-hand. Pain leads to tension, while increased tension causes more pain. A deep tissue massage can loosen tight muscle clusters and increase blood flow in the area to reduce inflammation. You will benefit from a deep tissue massage greatly if you suffer from chronic pain, for example, lower back pain and a stiff neck from staring at a computer all day.

Reduce Stress

Physical and emotional stress from our daily lives often manifests in our bodies. A deep tissue massage is an excellent stress reliever. Not only will you be able to unplug and enjoy some “me-time,” but it also helps lower cortisol levels and increase oxytocin release. The result? A clearer and more relaxed mind and a rejuvenated body.

Lower Blood Pressure

Our blood pressure is easily influenced by stress. Frequent temporary spikes in blood pressure from stress can cause long-term damage to your blood vessels, heart and kidneys. Regular deep tissue massages are a great way to keep your stress and blood pressure in check. It also increases the production of serotonin, so you’ll feel happier post-massage!

Break Up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is a natural result of our bodies healing from an injury or surgery. Although the once injured area may have healed completely, most people still report chronic pain and stiffness in the area years later. Getting regular deep tissue massages can improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, which help break down scar tissue. It will also remove the stiffness and restricted motion most people experience after an injury.

Injury Prevention And Rehabilitation

Deep tissue massages are very popular among athletes as they help stretch tight or twisted muscles after hard training sessions. Keeping muscles loose is key to injury prevention since overworked and tight muscles often lead to an injury. An increase in lymphatic circulation post-massage will also lessen inflammation and speed up muscle recovery. You’re likely to feel less sore and tense after a deep tissue massage.

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