If you’re scheduling your first massage, you’re likely excited, and you should be because it’s an enjoyable experience that will help both your mind and body. Knowing what to expect will make a big difference because this information will put your mind at ease, and the following guide will help you enjoy your first massage experience:

It Is Completely Normal To Undress For Your Appointment, But This Is Optional

It is okay if you are uncomfortable getting undressed, but it’s good to know that this step is completely normal, and most people will choose to undress because you will get more out of your appointment. Allowing your massage therapist to use a thin sheet between you and your skin is better because they will be able to do their job more precisely than if you were to wear layers of clothing, which would get in the way. You will be given space to dress and undress alone, but if you’re uncomfortable with this aspect, you are welcome to remain dressed during your appointment.

Hydration Is Very Important

Massage stimulates circulation and helps with the removal of waste from your muscles. Your body will need a lot of water to properly facilitate this flushing process, and once your session is complete, your muscles will likely be dehydrated, especially if you weren’t properly hydrated before your appointment. Hydration will make your massage better, so be prepared to drink lots of water after your session; otherwise, you will feel sore.

Shower Beforehand

This will ensure you come in clean, and this will make the experience better for everyone. There won’t be any smells that can be unpleasant in a confined space, and a hot shower will also give you a head start on your relaxation process, and your muscles will be ready for the massage, so you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience.

Breathe Deeply And Calmly To Enhance Your Experience

Your massage therapist will work out the tension in your muscles and will improve your circulation, but it’s your responsibility to keep your body properly oxygenated, as this will allow the massage to address the issues it needs to target. Breathe as though you’re meditating because doing this deeply and calmly will help keep your blood oxygenated.

Don’t Be Shy And Speak Up

Your massage therapist will find the muscles that seem to need work, but they have no way of knowing what the massage feels like for you, so you need to speak up to get what you want. Don’t be afraid to talk to your therapist and tell them about the specific spots that are causing you trouble so that these areas can be addressed. It’s also important to speak up if the massage is too painful so that they are aware of your tolerance for pressure.

If you’re ready to relax, the experts at Prairie Sage Massage can help. We will make sure every appointment is enjoyable, so if you’re interested in a massage, contact us today!