After a massage, you will feel calm and relaxed, and if you want these feelings to last, there are certain steps you need to take to prolong your state of relaxation.
Post-massage care is quite important, yet many people are unaware of this portion of their treatment. What you do after your massage will impact your overall experience, so make sure you follow these tips:

Drink Lots of Water

This is very important, so make sure you drink plenty of water after your massage, as this will help fully flush out the built-up toxins, which will be released during your massage. It is recommended that you drink a couple of bottles after your appointment to ensure these toxins are completely eliminated, and this simple step will allow you to feel refreshed while giving your immune system a much-needed boost.

Take a Bath

Extend your day of relaxation by taking a warm bath. The water’s temperature will further soothe your muscles and will also open your blood vessels to help you heal, so a long soak will help you take your relaxation one step further.

Allow Your Emotions to Pass Through Your Mind

The human body will tense up whenever the person is feeling negative emotions, and this kind of tension is often released during massage therapy, so it’s highly possible that different emotions come up after your treatment. You need to allow these feelings to pass through your body, as this is the only way your body will remain relaxed. This is not always easy to do, but you will feel relieved once you let it out, and massage can help in this regard.

Eat a Healthy Meal

Your body will need to refuel after a massage, and eating a healthy meal will help you feel less light-headed, which can occur after stress is released during your massage. It’s also possible for your blood pressure to be lower than usual, but a healthy meal will help in this regard as well.

Take it Easy for the Rest of the Day

There’s no harm in getting some extra rest, so try to take it easy for the rest of the day after your appointment. If possible, try to take a nap and remember that healing and re-energizing are part of this process.

There are also things you should not do after a massage, like an intense workout, for example. It’s also important that you stay away from a latte, as this will not allow your muscles to heal or relax.

The experts at Prairie Sage Massage will provide you with more information regarding care tips after a massage. Whether you’d like more details or are interested in booking an appointment, we can help, so if you are in Winnipeg, contact us today!