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What To Anticipate At Your First Massage Appointment

Massage Winnipeg

Have you decided it’s time to finally book that massage appointment? Massages do not have to exclusively be saved for birthday gifts, anniversary presents, or a self-care treat once a year. Receiving a massage is a healthy, normal, and highly effective form of relaxation, therapy, and a tool to treat mental and physical stress. With a significant amount of additional health benefits, massages are an excellent form of therapy and it’s never too late to book your first session.

What should you expect during your first massage session? Check out this article for everything you need to know to have the most enjoyable experience.

Before The Massage

Before scheduling a massage appointment, ensure this is a suitable time for you to receive this treatment. Avoid getting a massage if you’re experiencing skin irritations such as a severe rash, sunburn, or poison ivy and if you are severely sick with a fever. The days prior to your massage session, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Arrive early for your appointment and in a relaxed mood. Prepare for the Massage Therapist to go through the health history process with you., You will be asked about the following on the health history form:

  • Medical conditions and medications
  • Specific areas of concern/causing you pain
  • The level of pain and discomfort
  • How do you reduce the pain on your own and what triggers the pain
  • Contact information
  • Insurance coverage

During The Massage

The Massage Therapist will bring you to a private treatment room and will give you instructions about undressing to your level of comfort and getting on the massage table. Ensure you get comfortable and await the therapist’s arrival back to the room. The massage therapist will begin the session. If any of their techniques are giving you discomfort, be sure to inform them of this so they can adjust to suit you. If you do not enjoy the music being played, request something else. The draping will always cover your private areas completely and you will never be exposed at any time. The massage therapist will periodically ask you if the pressure they’re applying is ok for you. They will inform you of when the massage is complete and exit the room to allow you to dress. Feel free to ask your therapist any questions at any time during your treatment.

After The Massage

A professional massage therapist will provide you with recommendations of how often to get a massage, additional ways to reduce the pain you’re experiencing, and ask you about a follow-up appointment. At this point in time, feel free to ask the massage therapist any questions you’re having. They will feel comfortable answering these questions openly and providing thorough advice.

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