When you think about getting a massage, you probably think of your shoulders, back and neck, as these areas tend to be the places where people retain the most tension and pain. Ask anyone and they probably wouldn’t turn down a good shoulder rub or back rub. Getting a massage in these areas feels great and can help relieve pain and stress. But did you know that there are also other areas of the body that will have you feeling the same way? Many of these body parts are often missed when it comes to massage, but they offer the same stress relief.

Read on to find out what these other six vital body parts are!

Your Ears

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Your ears contain many reflex points, which, when massaged, are able to counteract stress in the body and in the mind. The most famous, anxiety-reducing spots are known as Shen Men, or “The Gate of Heaven.” This spot was discovered by the Chinese, who believe that by pressing near the tops of the ears can bring us into a state of calmness, relieve headaches and reduce stress.

Your Thumbs

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We use our hands to do so much during the day, and our thumbs are what make a lot of activities possible! Our fingers have millions of nerve receptors, and our thumb contains eight muscles alone! Massaging out fingers, especially the thumbs, can relieve tension throughout the rest of our body. If your thumb is stiff, try massaging it to relieve the pain.

Your Wrists

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Our wrists tend to be neglected despite the fact we use them all the time. Below the wrist, there is a vital acupressure spot known as the “inner gate” or the pericardium 6. Massaging this point can help calm down a racing heart. You can do it yourself by using your thumb to press on your wrist for a few seconds, then massage in a circular motion.

Your Diaphragm

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Your diaphragm is your primary muscle of breathing, but not only that but it is responsible for the core and spinal stability! If it is in rough shape, so will the rest of your body. Be sure to relieve tension in it whenever you can.

Your Gut

Massaging your stomach can aid you with digestion and help with gut mobility. Walking, running and being active are great ways to promote a healthy digestive system. But with most of us working from home these days, we don’t move very much. A simple belly rub can do the trick here.

Your Buttocks

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Our glutes are some of the largest muscles in our body, believe it or not! They often get overlooked during a massage, but massaging your buttocks can help with acute pain, tight muscles, and soreness from overuse!

We hope this article helped you! If you need to relieve tension and stress in your body, contact Prairie Sage Massage located in Winnipeg today.